Annapolis Maryland Elk Lodge
Roof Restoration

The Annapolis Elk Lodge is a fraternal organization that was founded in 1896. The organization is dedicated to service, charity and fellowship. The lodge, located in Edgewater, MD, had seen many years of service in the community and it was time for them to get a new roof!

Assessing The Damage

There were several problems with their roof. When our team arrived on the job we found that the roof had significant water damage and was leaking at several locations. There were also several cracked shingles, and a few areas were completely missing shingles as well!

Wind & Water Damage

When wind and rain converge on a single building, it can cause structural damage to the supports within that building

water damage on roof in edgewater MD

Loose & Missing Shingles

Once you notice roof damage, it’s best to act quickly. Water damage is not only a health risk, but it can also cause structural damage to your home; the longer you wait, the worse the problem and the more expensive it will be to repair.
roof shingles loose in edgewater md

Cracked Shingles

From tiny cracks to large holes, shingle problems can make your roof a target for the weather. Our roofing experts at Prestige Restorations can help protect your Maryland roof from water damage like this!
cracked roof shingles in edgewater home

Installing The New Roof

Our team at Prestige Restorations LLC worked quickly and diligently to ensure that this Edgewater, Maryland property was repaired in a timely manner. We replaced and disposed of the damaged roof shingles, repaired the water damage and ensured that this roof was properly prepared for weathering future storms. 

We tore off all the shingles, installed all new underlayment and replaced plywood as neccessary. Our experienced roofers added self-seam ridge vents, architectural shingles, and installed a fascia trim on both sides all along with ice & water shield on all exposed wood and metal.

After teaing off all the shingles, we added an all new underlayment and replaced plywood as neccesary . Self-seam ridge vents, architectural shingles, and a fascia trim on both sides all along with ice & water shield all exposed wood and metal was also included with this new roof installation.

The Final Product

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Our Process

We make it easy, so you don’t have to worry!



We will send our team out to inspect your roof, siding and gutters for storm related damages. 


File a Claim

Immediately following a successful insection, our project manager will assit you in calling the claim into your insurance company


Meet With Adjuster

An insurance adjuster will want to come assess the property to confirm the claim. Our Project Manager will meet with them as your representative.


Complete Installation

Once the adjuster writes up the work order, we’ll get right to it installing your new roof, siding and gutters!